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Scholarship Funds

Whether they help cook meals, fulfill a role in the surgery theater, or aid in transporting patients, every person on each trip is important to our success. However, nurses tend to be our MVPs. To that end, we have set up a scholarship fund so that we can partner with nurses who desire to go on multiple trips and may not be able to afford the full costs. By supporting MISSION:318 you help offset the costs for our nurses to be able to afford the cost of the trip, and the personal time off of work.


Anyone who had the pleasure to meet Alicia Bishop is a changed person for the better. Alicia was a world changer. Alicia drove every student, colleague, friend, and mentor to look at the world through her eyes and through the lens of those we served. Alicia was the nurse to take her lunch break and share it with the homeless man who she was caring for in the Emergency Room. Alicia was the “thorn” who would ensure that our mission was on path to educate and promote sustainability. Alicia was everyone’s favorite roommate, seatmate, and tour guide. Alicia was full of life and out to make a difference.

Alicia was taken from us too quickly on an icy mountain road in November 2019. Though she is not here to continue to drive us in person, her legacy will never end. Alicia is still a world changer.

The Alicia Bishop Scholarship is an annual award given to a health care worker who will travel with MISSION:318 and continue her legacy of light and healing around the globe.


The MISSION:318 name and brand was largely driven by one person – Rainer Meyrer. In 2019 Rainer suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Prior to his passing, he worked tirelessly to bring organization to our chaos. As a young team, we needed the business and marketing savvy that Rainer brought. Simply put, Rainer was a workhorse and helped put MISSION:318 on the nonprofit map.

The Rainer Meyrer award is an annual award given to someone whose contribution to MISSION:318 has made a significant and sustainable impact on our global mission.