The Work of Mission:318


At the core of MISSION:318 is our heart for partnerships. Those partnerships are what differentiate MISSION:318 from many other medical mission organizations. While we have many amazing partners, both stateside and international, our main partnership is with a rural hospital in an often-overlooked region of northern Ghana—Yendi.

We’ve partnered with a regional hospital in Yendi to help provide healthcare to Northern Ghana. Serving over 250,000 people, the hospital and its staff are stretched thin, usually operating beyond their capacity.

Learn more about how MISSION:318 has stepped in to help provide resources and expertise to Yendi Hospital.


Along with our primary partnership in Yendi, we also serve the CHIDA Medical Clinic in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. This clinic serves over 1000 children and adults in a region that is often overlooked. Dr. Wyslyn Avenard is the rockstar doctor that serves the region so faithfully.

Each year a team of dedicated MISSION:318 doctors and nurses come alongside Dr. Wislyn to do well and critical care visits. Because of our strong relationship, Dr. Wislyn has been able to come to the St. Louis region for further training.

St. Louis

We love serving with our partners in Ghana and Haiti, but we recognize that there are also people closer to home who are in need of quality healthcare. In parts of our hometown St. Louis, the cost and availability of medical treatment put healthcare out of reach for many living in poverty.

We are excited to partner with The Tabernacle Community Development Corporation to help make healthcare available to more people in St. Louis. TCDC serves the North St. Louis community. They recently purchased and renovated an old school building to become office space for local non-profits, calling it, “The Hub”. Because of our strong relationships with Mercy and TCDC, Mercy will be moving into The Hub to provide much-needed medical services to the community.